Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vaseline and Hair DO NOT mix!

What a way to start your morning when your one year old decides his hair needs moisture....apparently. He did not dab some Vaseline on there...no....he used almost the entire tub on his head.  I panicked and called every mom I could think of asking "WHAT do I do?" Lots of mixed answers....but the person I thought would know without a shadow of a doubt was my hubby's mom. She is the queen of Vaseline! She uses it for everything! Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? She's like the dad who uses Windex on everything. She suggested just washing his hair a lot. Wrong! After doing so my Aunt called who just is such an awesome mom that she knows, she told me NOT to wash the hair with shampoo it just spreads it around. There are lots of ways to get it out...use baby powder and let it soak and then wash it, wash it with Dawn, use an egg by beating it and then rubbing it in. We will find out what works best after he wakes up from his nap, but since I had no idea we covered it with a baseball cap to eat lunch. Kids sure do make life interesting! I love my little boogers! Tomorrow if a certain little baby boy doesn't show his face to the world, the boys are going to have a painting play date with one of my friends and her two girls... the youngest has made a brief appearance on my blog here. Lots of pictures if we get to have it although I'm kinda wishing for the newest baby to hurry it up! Also the fair is in town!!!! Tomorrow I will be eating corn in the cob and funnel cakes, watching the boys ride and have a blast! So excited! Lots of pictures coming! 

Yummy pita chips and hummus!

That's right..time to get the Dooney out!

My attempt to cover the head

Top Gap Outlet/ Jeans AE / shoes Jcrew Blythe here are some close/ Belt Betsey Johnson/ Bag Dooney and Burke here they don't make this color anymore but the light brown is nice and this is close/ earrings / necklace is also Stella and Dot but it retired and bracelet
Just ordered my new Stella and Dot and should get it in Thursday! So excited!


  1. First off...hilarious story! I wouldn't know the first thing to do!
    Second, love the striped shirt with the red flats...so cute!!
    Lastly, you are SO right about Kelly Osbourne owning that purple hair. I also loved her gray hair. I think she does it in a dignified + rocker kind of way that reads as classy. Avril Lavigne? Not so much :)
    XO - Marion

  2. Aww poor little guy! That's so funny though! Lol

  3. Funny, my daughter just had a bunch of Vaseline in her hair. I was searching for a remedy and happened on your blog. Dawn did the trick for her!