Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birchbox vs Ipsy / Glambag

So while taking pictures of my outfit yesterday I was dreading posting about it. It's plain, I was very uninspired when it came to clothes because I had to pull out all my creativity to getting the jewelry store Chistmasy. Luckily my Birchbox and Ipsy bag (also known as glambag) showed up! So here's my awesome box and bag!
 Adorable pink packaging! This is my first Ipsy bag and I was pleased with the bubblewrap. The difference is the Ipsy focuses more on makeup, but both are $10 a month subscription bags you can cancel anytime.

 I added it all up for you! Starlet black eyeliner full size is $11, BareMinerals moxie lipgloss is a sample but full size will run you $18.00 and all these are good size samples if not full sizes! They're Real mascara is sample but full size is $23.00, The Balm (which is one of my favorite brands!) Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow is sample full is $16.00, and finally Nailtini nail polish is full and is $13.00! All of this is adding up to be about $50 give or take because some products don't have how big full size is. Not bad for $10
 Next is the Birchbox. Last months was not good at all, so this month need a save for me to continue, I think they did pretty good. First thing I pulled out was the Soyjoy bar, not a fan of Cranberry but Zach is and they run about a $1, Lashxtend by ModelCo full size $24! Oscar Blandi texture and volume spray sample but full is only .5oz more and is $25, Miss Me Eau de Parfum sample (it smells just like baby powder, glad I sprayed it on Holli first and not me :)) Caldrea hand soap full size is $10.50 and I got two scents Crimson Pear Ginger and Mandarin Vetiver, haven't tried either but excited to see how liquid soaps got in that package, and finally, Feeling Smitten Limited Edition Bath Bomb in Ribbon Candy. This is a full size this one and it sells for $10.50!!! Holy I would never pay that much for one, some people got a different brand bath fizz cupcake and got three mini ones and I think they are also $10 for three, still pushing it but better. I haven't tried any of these products yet but I will today but total of Birchbox is $45 not including the sample perfume because you get those free anyway at the department store.
I think I am a little more impressed with my Ipsy but I will give it one more month. What do you think of beauty subscription? If you are interested in signing up for either please use my links so I can get points for signing you up!
Birchbox sign up here.
Ipsy doesn't have a sign up program so it's just
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I still haven't received my Nov Birchbox but I'm relieved that you liked this month! I am actually tempted to try Ispy though!


    1. I heard they are hit or miss. Either you got a good box or you got a box that has multiples of the same samples. Let me know what you get! I love the Ipsy, I think I might cancel BB after Christmas and just get Ipsy.