Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Surprise Around Every Corner

I know most of everyone thinks I'm crazy for  putting up my Christmas tree already, but if you would of seen the boys faces you would think it was worth it! We have our outdoor lights to put up this weekend and I'm so excited! Our big tree still has a box ornaments in our building that I couldn't find so here's a picture of the boys with their tree, keep in mind I love color so our trees all have colored lights!

We had such a fun night with decoration, baking cookies, and watching Elf! The boys have been very good and I can't wait for Christmas! On a sidenote I volunteered to do Thanksgiving this year for my family....yikes! If anyone has any great and easy recipes please toss them my way! If you would like to comment or email me, email is Jsheahay@aol.com. Finally here's what I wore and I am so excited about this outfit because I love it! So simple yet so many surprises!

Jeans with Sparkle , Sweater , Cami , Necklace is Ann Taylor but their website is down right now :(
Boots are Gap Outlet
So comfy for all the running around we did yesterday and if you didn't read that blog, hubs and I were Santa's helpers yesterday ;)


  1. You're not crazy at all- I can't wait to put up the tree either. It's going up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love your sweater, so pretty!

  2. The back of your sweater is gorgeous! You may have just prompted me to pull out our tree... the only downfall to that is my three year old's birthday is Christmas Eve and we've been telling him the past few months that his birthday is when Christmas is here - so I don't know if I can stand to tell him for six weeks, "No, not today!" ;)