Monday, November 12, 2012

Walking on the Ceiling

As I write this my husband, Zach is in the background playing with the boys and walking them on the ceiling. He is holding up in the air so their feet are touching the ceiling, dangerous? Maybe, but that's how we roll. :) It is a very special day today, Zach took off work so he and I can be Santa's helpers and get all our shopping done today. We also will be getting our Christmas tree and maybe even the lights up. It's early but if you've ever worked retail during the holiday season you know there might not be time to put it up later. This is the first year we will be doing it together, in the past I've been in charge so I'm so glad to be sharing the task. How early is too early for you to put up decorations? Are you a early shopper or are you the person that makes December 24th busy for us retailers? Oh and the reason for such excitement for Christmas? Santa made his way to our mall this past Friday on little, tiny reindeer.

 The boys are surely enjoying their new coats from Old Navy for 50% off, both were right at $30! They loved Santa and the next morning Jamey asked if it were Christmas. :) I sadly had to work, but Saturday morning I got the whole morning with them.

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