Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet Stinky

I have had time to test all the makeup products from my box and bag and I love them all. I love options. Except one tip I don't do well with volume spray with my hair being so thick. I went from Snooki to Elvis. Yep, all but the front middle went flat.

 Jean American Eagle now/ Shirt Gap (old)/ Necklace Ann Taylor Loft (old)/ Purse Target now/ and Jacket Gap (old) I love this Jacket because my husband picked it out and bought it for me! He actually does have good taste in women's clothes. Maybe for Christmas I can send him out by himself....maybe.
Yesterday we also put up a new friend, Stinky. He got this name this morning after pulling up the picture on my phone and the boys yelling phew stinky. I use to make fun of the people who had blow ups in their yard, I now know they just had kids and the look on kids faces is worth all the judgements.
We have to get rid of the pumpkins and put up lights, that's the goal of this weekend!


  1. 1) Stinky is so cute! Love the name...:)
    2) Great reviews on your make-up deliveries in your earlier post. I was so disappointed with my Birchbox last month and I haven't received this month's yet...but I'm hoping to be as happy as you are :)

    Happy Thursday friend!
    xo - Marion

    1. Let me know what you get in yours, last month I really wanted the beauty blender...I ended up with a very sad little box.