Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shoes and shoes!

 I woke up this morning with a HUGE headache! Tonight is the fair, I can't be getting sick or even slightly feeling bad. My plan was to drink a powerade, take medicine, drink two waters, eat cereal, drink body won't know what to do with all that and it'll be so preoccupied that it'll forget it's sick! Hey something I would do and it is MY body! After all this I still feel sluggish, but lots to do today! Yesterday after weeks of trying to decide what shoes to get the boys for their fall/winter shoes, I finally just bought some. Boys and girls are so different in the fact girls have tons of shoes,  buy Jamey we buy one or two pairs to get him through until the next size. I swear his feet grow one size in a month! Jack is going to be more like in girl in this fact...he loves shoes so much! So that's all we ever buy him. He doesn't want toys, just shoes. So here they are! My boys new shoes...we are having to take Jamey's back because I overshot his size a tiny bit. He still insist that his superhero crocs still fit and he doesn't need new ones. 
Jack is my converse baby and Jamey needs a little more support so he gets "big boy running shoes." Unless, we take these back to exchange sizes he sees another pair he likes more. Oh well! After this taking a hour and half to write because of kids tugging and wanting more juice or milk, I feel amazing! My body is just as easily tricked as my mind. Haha I win again!

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