Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Judgemental!

Decided to post twice today because so much is on my mind and the kids are napping. I was watching Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning and there was a segment on parenting. I always look for ways to improve my parenting skills, so they continued with how we are raising a bunch of...I don't want to say slackers or crybabies but that is pretty much what they were saying. How two major parenting styles to avoid are the lawnmowers, the type of parent who sees obstacles their kids might have to face and they knock them down for the kid, and helicopters, hoovering above always. Then went on to say we congratulate our kids far too often and get trophies just for participating. I agree with some and disagree with most of what they were saying. I will tell my children how special they are because they both are the most extraordinary children I've met, I'm a little bias! When Jamey counts to 10 in spanish (yeah it happened!) my mouth will always drop in amazement! I will try (my hardest because it will be difficult) to not hoover. I don't think every kid should get a trophies AT SOME POINT, at both my kids ages, yes they should. At 16? Not so much. They also told a story about a teenager that didn't get something...a job? and the mom called to talk to whoever was in charge to find out why their kid didn't get it! Oh my! Experts can say what they want about parenting, but unless their kids won the Nobel Peace Prize at 11 then I think most parents can make the rules as they go and if they want to call possible employees and and yell at know the kids probably either not going to talk to you for a while or be living in your basement at 55. That's the price you pay. When Jamey was little our pediatrician told us we had to go to a neurologist because he wasn't standing up at 6 months. We changed pediatricians. Turned out he was just lazy! Why would he want to stand when his mommy was carrying him everywhere? Point is, your kid is yours and unless you are just doing a terrible job, go with your instinct and don't let other people tell you how to raise your kids.

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  1. I don't have kids yet but can see where you are coming from :-/