Monday, October 1, 2012

Sparkles and Giggles

This weekend has just been such a blessing to our family the only thing to make it better would be a special appearance by one of my friends littlest baby that refuses to come into this world. With these two happy, healthy boys running around all day and tons of wrestling the only way to end the night is with two of my favorite tv shows...Once Upon a Time and Revenge!
That was wrote late night when I thought I had time to write before putting the boys down...they always make me eat my words. After watching both of my favorite shows I can say they have some great writers. I also stayed up to watch the first little bit of Apartment 666....I can't wait to finish it tonight! I love scary! I hate it just before bedtime so maybe when the boys are napping. Sunday we ran the boys to the outlets closest to our house because I had a dress that just was not making the cut in my closet, little too much Annie Get Your Gun....and that's not me. We all ended up with additions to our closets! My hubby opted for Nike items so he might reunite with our gym and a dress shirt. Jamey had received a Polo hat for being in the wedding and Zach wanted to get a plain tee shirt to match and I love when he buys the boys clothes! They picked what colors they wanted....yeah Jack even did. I got another cardigan without spending a dime! Ps all you bloggers out there I missed you! NO ONE posted this weekend except Lilly!
Best picture of my outfit..tunic from Ann Taylor!
Jack loved his shirt! Kept trying to put it on in the car

We ended up letting them run around in them...they were so proud

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  1. I was sooooooo excited for Once Upon A Time! It is seriously one of my favorite shows!