Friday, October 19, 2012

Just another Manic Monday....Friday? Thursday! Seriously!

Have you ever had a complete blonde moment? Day? Hi, that was me! If you haven't read my story about Jack, my youngest, putting the Vaseline in his hair you should! Now today he decided Vaseline wasn't special enough or sparkly enough, he decided to squeeze all the glitter glue he could get his hands on in his hair! Good morning! After waking up I decided to finally move Jamey into a room of his own. After moving train tables and bed across the house, he loves his new room! Then Zach got home and we decided to go out to eat. I was so excited it has been forever since we went out on a weekend night so I decided to wear glitter and heels ( couldn't let Jack outdo me). The only problem, I was informed it was Thursday. No wonder I couldn't find the latest episode of Project Runway on On Demand. Such a ditz! Anyway, I at least got to break out my new houndstooth bag and wallet!

I shouldn't laugh at this picture, but it's so funny! I hope everyone has a great FRIDAY!

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