Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Kids vs One

I feel as though a lot of my friends are starting to think about having their second child and are asking all the time what it's like having two versus the one. There are huge differences! BUT there are also hardly any, if that makes any sense.When you just have one you can go places and do more things and loads of chances for you to have great one on one time with the little one. We spoiled Jamey, I took him to the Chattanooga discovery museum all the time and we would go to all the different water type places. Now, I would be scared to death to bring the kids near water without another person and going to the museum I've tried they both dart off in opposite directions. As far as food and clothes, you don't really spend a whole lot more, you just find out what isn't necessary real fast. I saved all Jamey's clothes and it worked out we had Jack but nothing else did because the are just far enough apart that Jamey's winter clothes fit Jack in the summer. :(  We are just now getting to the "fighting" years and it's pretty funny to see what they actually fight about. Most of the time Jack just grunts and then falls on top of Jamey. Jack may be younger but he's so close in weight that he uses it. Zach and I like to sit back and watch and giggle, we're teaching them to work out their differences by themselves. 
Best picture EVER...Jack is going to be The Hulk and Jamey took his head piece.
Now when they love each other they are so sweet and makes my heart melt, they fell asleep in Jamey's bed and snuggled until about 2am, when Jack woke up and didn't know where he was. The next morning they resumed their loving of being brothers.
They are so sweet! One of my friends and I were talking about what part of our kids are us and which are our hubby's, she said that she would love to have more just to see how many combos there were. I laughed because Jamey has every emotional part of both Zach and I, he is also so funny from Zach. Jack grunts and eats all day, his personality is coming out and I feel it's all from my side of the family. I wonder if we ever had a little girl if she would be girlie like me or want to run and be outside all the time like her daddy?


  1. I agree with you!! Wait until you have four! I took Jacob with me everywhere all the time..several out of state trips now not only does money stop me but so does TIME! Just wanted you to know that you have inspired me to start writing in my blog again..I started then stopped bc of lack of time and pure exauhstion (I KNOW that is prob misspeelled lol)

  2. Aww I'll make sure and add to my favorite list and follow! I love waking up and reading all my fellow bloggers post first thing in the morning!