Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Hunting

Fall is one of my favorite times! I love the layering, leaves, and most importantly craft shows! The next two weekends are two of the biggest craft shows and I am so excited! To try and pass the time we decided to go to our local pumpkin patch. We searched for the perfect pumpkin for close to an hour and ended up with three tiny pumpkins and one REALLY lumpy one. The kids are a little too young to carve and won't sit still long enough for us to do it, so we decided to paint them! We are close to finishing them but we are taking it about fifteen minutes at a time and since Jack came down with a stomach bug last night it may be later on in the week before our pumpkin reveal! There was also an amazing trip to the park and skipping on the rocks by the river that happened this weekend.

There was also a coin show in town! My boss started Jamey off with his first silver dollar with his birth year so we went in search of one for Jack! We ended up winner a door prize and two three cent coins and a coin set with my birth year! SCORE!

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