Monday, October 15, 2012

Stuck on Purple

I wrote a blog about how I get stuck on certain colors and have to buy everything in that color, last month it was blue and this month it is purple. Really, I crave purple! So far I've worn it here and here just this month! Plus Friday and I'm pretty sure I've worn it on a few days I didn't take pictures. So yet again I made a mental note not to buy anymore purple.
I wanted to also share a little story. When I was in high school one of my very best friends always wore this giant diamond cluster ring. I finally asked one day who gave it to her, I've gotten many diamond earrings and necklaces from my parents but never a diamond ring so big. She said when her mom got out of college and got a good job she wanted to buy herself something special, so she bought that diamond ring. It always sort of stuck with me, so after either my first year of college or after I received my associates I bought myself this beautiful Amethyst ring. It's something very special because I was able to pay cash for this gorgeous ring without any help and being 18 or 19 it was a huge purchase. Just a little story...have a great week and there more than likely will be another blog later to catch up on the weekend

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