Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Bags

This weekend I feel was a big scavenger hunt! Friday night we went out to eat and wanted to stop by Redbox on the way home. Jamey noticed that Madagascar 3 was out and wanted us to rent it for him, which normally wouldn't be a problem, we had at least fifteen Redboxes within a mile of us. OR it wouldn't of been had that not been the most popular movie out right now. We drove to at least ten of them before we found it and the whole CVS parking lot saw my happy dance! After the boys fell asleep together watching it, it made the whole thing worth it! The next day we woke up and saw all the leaves on the ground and I wanted those giant pumpkin bags you put the leaves in for decoration. Yet again, we had trouble! Do they even make them anymore? When we got home empty handed, I pulled up ebay and order a few. I hope they show up before Halloween is over :( We did get a few more decorations to put up, including some Christmas trees at a yardsale for $4! I just covered the red with black and let the boys hang up some orange and BAM! Halloween trees! We also had our family pictures taken Sunday and we LOVED our photographers and cannot wait to get the pictures back!

Asleep after Madagascar 3

Our ghost

Jamey's pumpkin

Halloween trees and Jack's pumpkin

Before our pictures with my love
Hope everyone had a great weekend and is as excited about Halloween next week as I am!


  1. Sounds like you had a great "fall" weekend :-)

  2. This post is filled with all things cute! Love his pumpkin. I can't reply to your comment via email...what is your email address? I have to save it this time!

    1. Thanks! It's I guess that needs to be posted somewhere on here.