Monday, October 22, 2012

Birchbox fail :(

I was so excited about getting in my Birchbox after reading about it on Skylette's Blog  I decided to give it a shot. Here's what I got:

So pretty! I was so excited!

Hmm...not too impressed. Keep in mind other people got whole bottles of cleansers, a eyeshadow and eyeliner duo full sized, and a beautyblender, which I really wanted. Like my giant designer Ziplock bag? I'm going to give it another month or two, but my excitement will be down. I had a blast taking the boys to the park again today and being there for the first visit to the park for the newest Orange.

So sweet! Just a little side note, these Gap jeans were my steal of the summer! Bought them for $6! Shirt Old Navy (Spring 2012)/ Sweater Gap Outlets/ Necklace TJ Maxx/ Shoes American Eagle/ Sunnies Steve Madden


  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, my Birchbox this month was a letdown too! I opted for the "goop" promo box and the only perk to it was a full sized bottle of Essie polish but in a grey that I had. :(

    1. I wanted the goop too...but I guess they ran out. The only thing I actually like is the eyeshadow. Next month will be better I hope. Do you get any of the other boxes too, glambag or beautybox? I wondered if they were better.

  2. That is a bit of a disappointment. For the price, you should get at least one larger item. Hope next month is better!