Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family Pictures Taking Yourself vs Photographer

Thanks to Facebook, easy to use Photoshop, and lower priced "fancy cameras", more and more "photographers" are coming around. Most of these people know about as much as a pixel as I do. So when choosing to do family pictures is it worth it to get a photographer verses getting a family member or friend take them? 

This year we decided to budget our family pictures and take part of them ourselves and then get my husband's sister to take the rest. They turned out great! Although the quality of our camera wasn't as great as a actual photographer's. I'm not sure how they are going to hold up to getting blown up. I decided to share some.

We thought this one was amazing! Most of the on the road shots we propped our camera on the front of the ole van.

See they turned out great! Here are the positives about taking them have the liberty to take as long as you want, at as many locations (these were taken 4!), you and your friends know your personality and can capture it! Finally the number one reason to do them yourselves is the cost!

Now it's only right to argue the other side as well because let's face it, next year we are going back to our favorite photographers to get family pictures. They do such an amazing job. Here are some of the ones they took last year.

It's really no contest on who's is better, clearly someone who knows what they are doing, when you find someone who knows what they are doing. Our amazing photographers (ours was a husband and wife duo...super awesome having two to take some of us while getting the kid's shots while our backs were turned and surprising us), having only met once had very similar personalities and just let the kids run around and be them. I guess the key to finding the perfect family pictures is not getting the most popular photographer because then you end up with the same poses as everyone else, but to find someone who has the same energy and personality you do.

Will you be getting your family pictures done professionally or having a friend or family member take them this year?

A special thanks to Becky for taking time out of her day to snap a few shots, we love them. Also another thanks to Lola Photography for doing such an amazing job last year!


  1. Cute family photos!

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  2. Omg these are too cute! What an adorable family! I think taking pictures yourself rather than a photographer is great. Who can spend the money on a pro?