Friday, May 31, 2013

Monkeys and Peacocks and MORE!

Our trip to Chattanooga gave me the energy to make it until our next vacation next month...sometimes you just need to get away from all the mess and just relax. We stayed directly across from the aquarium and did a lot of walking where I FINALLY came across those amazing macaroons that all the bloggers write about, lemon and it was amazing and I washed all down with a citrus green tea smoothie! We also decided to take the kids to the zoo and had a blast my highlight was either Einsteins cousins the monkeys or a gorgeous peacock!

 While we were gone our "Handy Manny" finished our bathroom for us! So happy with it and he also salvaged our top drawer that we were positive was going to have to be a dummy drawer....standing ovation for David!

Thanks for stopping by hope you have a great weekend!

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