Monday, May 27, 2013

A little white and blue

 So I've mentioned it before my husband works weekends so it's super hard to get pictures from the weekend....I let my 4 year old ,Jamey, do these. Not bad for 4! Graduations and car shows were this weekend and the weather screamed summer so why not grab a pair of white jeans. White jeans to me are super chic and finding the perfect pair that aren't too see through is very difficult. I tried on at least four pairs including Old Navy (which sizing in 100% off and you will need some white undies) TJMaxx....and a few other places until I found the perfect pair for me at JCPenney! They are actually the white version or my red pants here and they fit so good...(I may actually wear the red ones today for memorial day) hmm.
 Jeans JCPenney (they are juniors)/ Shirt Express/ Shoes Target/ Bag Fossil/ Necklace Ann Taylor/

 Everyone was very fascinated with the mom carrying not only a sleeping one year old, but a box of cupcakes for Memorial Day and watching a four year old walking down the street.

 At our wonderful church's car show...
This was the best pictures because Jamey (the oldest) thought that we were at a car lot picking out a new car, a new red mustang is what he wanted and was VERY upset when the owner got in it and drove off.


  1. So moms can get away with wearing white pants? I have a pair that I've been wanting to wear but I'm hesitant because I'm always kneeling to get her in and out of the car/carseat and I figured there was no hope for them because once she's mobile.... well you know, more messes! Glad to see there is hope though, great outfit:)

    1. Haha well the blue shirt had a strawberry smashed into it, that's why I am wearing a different shirt in the last picture...the pants had a small smear, but you know I carried an extra outfit just in case. That's one thing I can say being a mom has done, made me more prepared.

  2. Your 4 year old took these pictures?! Oh my goodness, he could teach my fiance a thing or two! You look very pretty!

  3. Oh my goodness, your 4 year old took these?! That's hilarious! He did a great job! Love the white jeans and mint top!
    Jeans and a Teacup