Friday, April 5, 2013

Closet Redo

Little by little my husband and I are trying to make our house "ours". We have mostly finished out kitchen, if you missed that blog here's the link and now we are trying to do the dreaded bathroom. In the mean time of saving up I wanted to organize my closet. Now I'm dreading showing my closet because it is so tiny, but here goes.
This was midprocess and my husband refused to step in the room, but I have one bar going across my little closet and then problem with most organization kits is that I have a giant pipe going through the middle so I have to work around it...I could just swap closets with my husband, but I like my closet in my room.
 I was hanging my sweaters up which if you don't know that's the best way to stretch out and ruin the necks....I found both the sweater and shoe hanging "things" at Lowes for $23 for both! Yes I will still have shoes in my floor but now my good shoes will no longer be taken across the house on little feet and hands! The "pant" bar actually hangs from the regular bar and was bought at Target for $2.90, it wiggles but really saves me so much space!

 Oh did I mention that both the shoe and sweater organizers have pockets on the sides! They now are holding my scarfs and I am using one of my hubby's tie organizers for a few of my purses that don't have dust bags and my belts!
One of these days...hopefully!

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  1. Doesn't it feel great when you get organized and finish a project like that? It looks great!