Monday, January 14, 2013

The Final BB vs Ipsy

So I decided I was going to give Birchbox one last box before I cancelled, well you'll see. Here's my January 2013 Birchbox.
 You can see why I'm a little upset before the price breakdown. I was a little excited about this Eyeco eyeliner in black ( I really wish these companies would send colors every woman doesn't already have) is a sample size worth $8. Next are the twin ketchup packets of 100% Pure body cream one in cabernet grapes and the other in green apple...kinda excited about the scents but really how small are these....$.12 each one. Ojon rare oil blend was what most people were excited about and it is a good is small sample and would be $1.63. This Embryolisse is something I'm still trying to figure out what it is, but I like it and this little 5ml tube is $1.87. Last is my favorite and I hope everyone can see this...
it's worth $.01! Yay that makes my entire birchbox worth.....ta da $11.75. Thanks for the extra 1.75 there BB!
Now for the one I will continue getting because it has not disappointed yet even though I didn't get any really makeup samples this excited!

This months bag is a taller bag and I really like it better than the thin, long ones in the past.

Coupon codes if anyone is interested!

I love my ipsy/glambag! First I pulled out this soho concealer brush which is from Walgreens and I love that they use drug store is worth $7.99 and they sent out three different brushes ranging in price. Next was the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter this is a full size and worth $'s 100% vegan and smells great! Big Sexy Hair is something my stepmom uses but I've never even tried hers so I'm glad I get a small sample for my trip this weekend, it is worth $2.50. Jose Maran 100% Pure Argan oil has so many uses if anyone uses please let me know what it works best for. It is a moisturizer on face, hair treatment, body moisturizer, nail treatment, and bath husband would say it's like vaseline, it is worth $4.80. Last I got the Nailtini in Frappe, I have had Nailtini in my bag before but I loved that one so I don't mind getting another and it retails for $13.00, it's a full size. That brings the total of the Ipsy to.....$35.29!
How funny is it that I received this color in my Ipsy since yesterday I bought:
It looks closer in person because the Nailtini has a pink sheen that isn't showing up. I am very interested in something called a Cravebox...has anyone heard of it? I know they have book, coffee, cleaning, and makeup boxes I just didn't know how good it is. Anyway hope everyone had a great Monday and let me know if your BB was disappointing this month as well.

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  1. Glad I just cancelled my Birchbox, I will have to subscribe to Ipsy now :)