Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've never been very confident mixing prints, infact, rewind three years and I probably only owned three printed shirts....I was a plain color type gal. I'm slowly feeling more comfortable mixing smaller items with prints into the mix. Maybe one day I will brave the giant ones...
 Jeans American Eagle/ Top Express/ Belt Gap Outlet (recent) Like this one this one too!/ Boots Gap/ Scarf Gap last year/ Cardigan Gap Outlet close

I'm starting to get more and more excited about our trip this weekend, the only problem is the temperature is dropping and the mall I was excited about going to is outside :( If it comes down to it Keasha and I can sit and drink coffee while the kids play all weekend. I also must share a few pictures with you...I took my boys shopping and they now have to pick out their own clothes so here's what they got.
Yes that is Spongebob...he HAD to have it!

And there's my hubby....just because he never makes the blog, isn't he handsome!

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  1. Pattern mixing is definitely scary. It took me awhile to feel comfortable doing it, but I like it in small doses. Your boys are adorable :) Heather