Thursday, December 13, 2012

Outfit Inspired!

I'm at the point where I would really like to delete every picture in my phone except my kids and I have no idea if it's possible to make different files? I'm terrible with technology. I already said I finally got my last order from Jcrew and during the wait period I watched Don't Trust the B and there was a shirt just similar to mine! So I decided to copy her outfit!

I think I like mine better :)

I was trying the lipgloss in my ipsy, I don't normally wear red and I think I know why. Hmm I also got my Birchbox in so stay tuned for my Ipsy vs BB blog! I also received the best little surprise package yesterday!

These are amazing bracelets from Regina Pierallini that I won in a Noelle's giveaway! I was so impressed they really are beautiful and most importantly I have super tiny wrist and I was nervous they wouldn't fit (that's the main reason I don't wear a lot of bracelets) but they fit perfect! Thank you so much Noelle! Weekend is almost here!


  1. They look beautiful on you! I have tiny wrists too so I know how hard it can be to find bracelets that fit! I'm so happy you love them :) and yes, I like your outfit better! You look very pretty.

  2. cute outfit! i feel you on the bracelets i dont wear them either because my wrist are to small!