Monday, December 17, 2012

Birchbox vs Ipsy (glambag) Take 2

I was so pleased to get my bags in the mail this week! They came super early and only one day apart so if I waited to open together it wouldn't of been much of a wait, but that didn't happen! Here they are starting with my Ipsy because it came first!

I got a really thin make up bag this month but super excited about the inside! I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay I use the eyeshadow called roach with the eyeliner rockstar. Great company! This is a HUGE sample, the full size is1.2g and this is .8g. The full size is worth $19.00 and that would make the sample $12.67 and if you use the code IPSY and receive deluxe sample bag with $25 purchase. NYX eyeshadow in the color walnut pearl this is full size and worth $3. You can use code IPSYDUST for 30% off order. Next is my favorite product in the bag the Mirabella primer. It is a full size and worth $29.00 and really great get 30% off with code ipsy (see a pattern in codes). Super excited about the Be a Bombshell lipgloss but not sure if color is great for me, but feels great! It is a full worth $14.00, Use ipsy30 for 30% off. Last the Mai Couture highlighter paper, which I never even knew was out there but I love! Full size is 50 sheets and this has 25 sheets. Full size is $28.00 so my sample is $14.00, bringing the grand total for this months Ipsy bag to $72.67.

Birchbox was extremely festive this month with a nice wrapped box. I was drawn to the purple shampoo by Nick Chavez and it's a pretty good size sample 2 oz (worth $5.50) and full size is 8 fl oz (22.00).  I was very interested in the Juice Beauty cc, an organic stem cell repair cream that is tinted, very neat. Full size is $39.00 and this sample .17oz is worth $3.90. I was so excited and have been using this Model Co Strip Tease lipgloss, it smells SO good and I love the nude color. It's a full size and sells for $16.00. I was a little disappointed that the next TWO items were perfume/cologne. Counting for two items I got the Cartier sample for a man and woman, which I never count in the overall what it cost because you get these for free! This Frownies eye gels were the first item used and it comes with one you can reuse I think up to four times and it really works and is worth $10! Last is something I might try to use but don't really know on what but a $50 giftcard to Rent the Runway, you need a dress for a special occasion and you can rent one and you also get one in another size in case the first doesn't fit. Sounds really neat but I don't go to many fab parties. Maybe date night? This brings the total of my BB to $85.40! Merry Christmas to all! The boxes were so great this month I will put off cancelling to another month ;) Eight more days until Christmas!

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  1. This month was my first month for the Ipsy bag, which I LOVED! The lip color is a new favorite, and honey, I think you could ROCK it!