Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Green Lantern? Obviously you're not a me.

 Yesterday was the (don't want to oversell) BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!! Starting the day off on our "broadstreet" the main road in town, doing trick or treat there in the afternoon. We got asked 100 times if Jack was the green lantern I guess because of Jamey being Spiderman, but come on people know you comics! Next, off to our churches trunk or treat where we had hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, cake walk, more trick or treating. Finally, finishing up the night at one of our friends and the kids friends Halloween party where there was a hayride to go trick or treating! Such a great day and the kids faces all day were enough to warm anyone's heart! I love Halloween! Here's a lot of pictures!

Didn't know what to be until two days before...I had a coupon to Express $15 off anything! Bought the shirt for under $3 and it hit me...MEOW!

Sweetest cupcake and flower EVER

Yep the Incredible Spiderman and Hulk can be wore out, with a lot of sugar and walking! I just love them! Someone at the hayride took pictures but I didn't, so maybe later I can put up pictures of myself running from house to house with all the kids! Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!

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