Friday, November 2, 2012

It is worth it!

 In my last blog I wrote on one our friends invited us over for a Halloween party and her house was incredible. It has inspired me to get a little more creative with our home decor. So, yesterday was antique day! Just to start our crafting off I bought a headboard and cedar chest to go with some fabric for all of the above plus our lamps. Now I've already started when I remembered to take pictures but here's my load, plus what I wore :)
Don't know why my wall looks like that, it's just a shadow not poop.

This is the outfit I made not long ago in my American Eagle blog, so all is from AE except shoes they are Target :)
I have no idea if starting with a headboard on my crafting journey was such a good idea since my hubby has told me I needed at least two more things and I think I might just go with the flow, but we will see! I also started on redoing the tops of the lamps and sitting in the floor watching Project Runway hot gluing, hubs walks in and questioned my decision to spend hours on two lamps. It's going to be 100% worth it! After looking up to buy lamps like these, they are $150 a piece...I can just spend hours instead of spending that much on lamps.


  1. Those pieces have great potential. I love taking on projects like that, it's so much fun and so rewarding when it's all finished.

  2. That chest looks like an absolutely amazing find! So in love with it! And that headboard looks can do it!