Monday, November 5, 2012

Attack of the Frankie!

This weekend has been such a blessing :) One of our family friends is in the military and when she has to come to our town for drill she brings her little girl (crossing that our because she is 28 lbs!) and I get to babysit!  We just love little Frankie! Although crafting and attempting to finish my projects was pretty high on my list, enjoying family and a baby girl was #1! It was slightly cold this weekend so I got to pull out my flannel, this shirt was a post baby/17lbs heavier me shirt so it's big on me but I love big on cold days! I also wear it with my leggings from time to time.

Shirt is old Gap but here is an updated version, jeans American Eagle skinny/ shoes American Eagle not online anymore but here is sparkly version/ Earrings Stella and Dot
I have finished the bedroom furniture minus the new handles on chest and trying to straighten the fabric a little more. The lamp is over half way and I am loving it but just don't know how I'm going to finish the top and bottom (more worried about the top) suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

We really need a new comforter and the one I am really wanting is this or even this! Those are a little out of our price range so we might settle on a gray one from Target :( It's still cute but being around the kids it's probably best we don't spend a lot on bedding until Jack is potty trained. Here are a few more pictures from this morning taking the kids to the park. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Your projects came out great! How did you do the headboard? The fabric looks awesome.

    1. You're going to laugh if I tell you. It's cardboard cut in the shape and then a slab of foam glued to and the fabric is pulled tight and stapled. Then glued to make sure straight and stapled to headboard. Super easy and cost less then $30 for all supplies for headboard and chest.

  2. Wow that's incredible! What a great idea!