Monday, November 5, 2012

Budgeting for Christmas

While reading my favorite bloggers post I notice that sometimes a new item comes out in brands and they show up in a lot of bloggers post. Some of the items that have been found are:
Old Navy Polka Dot Sweater is a huge favorite it also CAME in off white/ J Crew link bracelet / J Crew Viv Heels/ and ANY Michael Kors oversized watch
I am guilty of owning two of these items and want the other two, but that does not mean anything bad, we just all have good taste! I have been drooling over two bags that have recently been seen on at least three bloggers I know Noelle , Lilly , and Maria. I'm talking about the Jcrew tillary and Rebecca Minkoff mini mac, pictured below.

Aren't they pretty! I finally found the Tillary for $40 on ebay! Yeah, but I hesitated. :( It sold by the time I decided yes. In a rut I decided to run to Target and look at bedding, this is what came home!
Might not be real leather or quite the quality but hey both together was under $30! Yep, you heard that right! I'm pleased with my new purchases and I think the hubs would be too. A little more progress on the chest with a few new knobs, but they only had two of my new owl friend so I'll be creative with the others and yes that is nail polish on the large handle.
Don't look too close! I need to paint a little more and I think that I might end up with acrylic paint to go over. Also a post wouldn't be complete without what I wore while shopping!

Love my new sweater from TJ glittery and those are leather patches on the elbows! Little hard and soft...I debated whether or not the shoes were too much matchy, what do you think? Also, my big one Jamey's style is starting to show. Love him!

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My boys love each other! Those are glasses Jamey knocked the lens out of and now wears them to show his style. :) Monday is over! One day closer to the weekend.


  1. Love love your new bags! The boys look so cute with their glasses :-)

  2. I love the owls on the furniture, it looks great. That sweater from TJ is gorgeous- love the outfit too!