Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As a "blogger" I like to follow others for inspiration and also to get my little blog on others radar. I have seen that a lot of bloggers don't wear the same pieces in their wardrobe a lot....sometimes ever. Being a mom of two small kids and a 25 year old, my bank account just won't allow that. So I would like to share two examples of clothes I've worn two ways in the past week. On the days where I work I wear a very casual look during the day and then change the pants to make it more dressed up, like some people would do to "go out", if you wonder why this is in parenthesis please refer to third sentence.
You see little Hulk in the corner :) I felt a little uncomfortable with the length of this tunic here.
So I ended up tucking it under and wearing black undershirt.

I think it was meant to be worn with leggings, which I have before.

 Top Old Navy / Jeans American Eagle / Shoes Jcrew (not in stores anymore) but here are some pretty close/ dress pants are from TJMaxx a brand called Dahlia...I love ankle pants and I can barely find anything in my pant size at TJ Maxx so these were a great find for under $20!

 I wore this sweater earlier in the week here and it is proving to be a favorite, I might need to order in a few more colors. Jeans American Eagle now I thought I loved the jeggings like these but the skinny jeans are my favorite! Button up is Old Navy (old) loving this one from Gap / Boots Gap/ Necklace Ann Taylor Outlet/ Sweater Target

The last two are me showing off my new Alabama shirt and Jamey asked why Jack's sand bottle was on here and not his, so here it is! Beautiful!


  1. That's such a versatile tunic and I love your outfit with the blue sweater.

  2. I love all these outfits except for that yucky Alabama shirt! A Florida shirt would look much better ;-)