Monday, October 29, 2012


In our little town there are a lot of fall festivals around us, but our biggest one is Chiaha! I know I look forward to it every year and the past two years have been...a little disappointing thanks to the weather. Two years ago it was wet and there were big puddles everywhere....last year it was way too hot for fall anything, this year it was perfect! We got yummy kettle corn, a fried apples pie, hot cider, and a giant cup of coffee for this girl. There's always a huge kids tent with fun activities to do including balloon animals! Last year we waited in line for thirty minutes just to get done with half the line so this year we ran and got in  line while the kids went around and did fun the activities. Little patience and the kids got balloon swords, which Jack then popped within five minutes. Kids! I decided to go with bright pants because I tend to wander off and it's so much easier to find me with bright red pants on. My outfit was also pinterest inspired! I love pinterest,if you get stuck on what to wear or what to cook they have so many ideas! Here's my inspiration and some pictures from the festival, I did have to put my jacket on over top because it was COLD!

I had to include all pictures of me with the boys...notice he hits me in the head with popcorn. Oh what a great weekend!


  1. I love fall festivals! It was a little chilly at the festival I went to this weekend but not too bad. Festival food is the best!

  2. I love local festivals too. Looks like you had a fun time:)