Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Yet?

I have been so off all week on what day is what. Frankly, I'm over this week. Every Wednesday is my pilates class and yesterday was no exception. We were doing planks on a step and my teacher kept seeing my form was far from being right(she informed me more than once), so when I gave up on the last one she asked if I was okay. I was at the time. Fast forward two hours and I was putting the stroller in the car and I heard something pop in my lower back and then it was a struggle to get to the drivers seat. Must be getting old but I'm only 25!!! The rest of the day was taking hot baths and trying to keep the kids occupied so they didn't jump all over me, oh I had to stock last night which involves lots of lifting. I have to do it again tonight but man I didn't realize how one little move could throw my whole week off! For all you future moms or already moms, did you know when laying down you are NOT suppose to put your kid on your chest? It can really hurt your back later. I had no idea! Anyway the one positive thing that came out of yesterday besides my hubby's mad cooking skills was me getting my new Stella and Dot scarf! I love it and got so many compliments on it! Yes those are little elephants!
Anyway one more day until weekend!!! Which also means giveaway winner will be announced! I will say NO ONE has guessed the exact number, so good luck! Enter here!

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  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better! That is a super cute scarf :-)