Friday, October 12, 2012

American Eagle Inspired

While stocking the past few nights I couldn't help but notice some of the cutest clothes coming in and some not so much. I was dressing a mannequin about ten minutes before we left and I thought, I would wear this whole outfit exactly like it was! Here are also some of the newest items that should be in your local store by 4am tomorrow....that's how late I'll be there tonight :(

American Eagle Inspired

American Eagle Outfitters brimmed hat

Now this sweater comes in a lot of different colors and I love all! Also I forgot to mention this outfit above the jean shirt was under the cute and finally a way to incorporate the jean on jeans that is on trend right now. I have been so surprised by the jewelry that I glanced over while trying to find my ole girls (mannequins) their accessories.

 From bow belts to boot socks...which also come in a cream! I love these triangle earrings and necklace the most! They even have all the collegiant items...I'm an Alabama fan!

And the jeans...they are pretty good with jeans :)

These last two are really great in person...lace on the sweater and rhinestones on pockets of jeans. This time I think AE might be paying me in clothes.

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