Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Magical Yet?

Yesterday was one of those terrible, terrible days of having kids. No shower because of what they were doing every time I turned my back so I was lucky I even got dressed. We made it to the grocery store because they were a little wasteful with their cereal and that was the WORST idea I've ever had. Two kids not wanting to sit in the cart and just not having anything. I did pick up a huge score in the meat department so Zach and I ate steak last night...which after eating healthy for so long steak just doesn't have the same appeal anymore. After we got home Jamey and I decided to make the day better by making none other than a huge chocolate cake!

It might not of made my body feel better but it surely made my soul feel better! Oh and today will be the 8th day of no gym...tomorrow it will be happening! I'm also working something special up for the blog tomorrow! Stay tuned!


  1. Aww chocolate cake makes everything better though! :-)

  2. I wasn't able to respond to your comment/email. Please send me your email address schnellexo (at) gmail dot com I would love to have you as a guest poster:)