Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looks Good VS Wearability!

I am a girl who loves to shop but is always drawn to "special pieces." I love the dresses for special events or the jackets that are real statement pieces, but I don't have a lot of everyday essentials in my closet. I've been working hard at trying to stay away from the extraordinary and go for everyday. There for a year or two I went into plain mode and my husband Zach had to drag me away. What a good man! So last week when we were going on our date night I pulled a dress that would be perfect! Send a picture and he came home with it! I loved this dress but where would I ever wear it besides dates?
Okay I really do love it but I ended up taking it back :( and instead I bought some new earrings and glasses.

 The earrings are so much prettier in person! They are labradorite and studs which I am dying for because Jack pulls my big earrings and has ripped my ear...I need studs for it to heal and not close up. Anyway just a little something that was on my mind. What do you think? Should I of taken the dress back?

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