Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's Face it, A Little bit of a crush really :)

First off, if you don't recognize what movie the title is from...shame on you. One of my favorites! Second of all I wanted to make a giant post about style throughout the years and let my inspiration be my older brother, Luke. It's his birthday and what better way to honor him than make fun of him...cough...I mean love him! Anyway it didn't happen because I can't find the pictures I thought I had so he's off the hook. Happy Birthday Luke!
Here he is with Jack
So that throws my blog off because I didn't dress cute at all fact this whole week I've been so thrown off with the weather change I haven't really known what to wear. So I'm going to be posting items that I want and others I'll just dream about.
This sweater from Target is awesome! I ordered in the blue color but it's very similar to Jcrew's Tippi sweater but without the price tag. I would of loved to order it in the pink color but my paypal is now empty thanks to Target :(
These beautiful loafers will help you get into the menswear that is so popular right now. They are also a Target purchase and right now are buy one get one 50% off. Two pair $30! You can see how they can be styled from Lilly and Maria. I bought the pink and tan because they were out of my size in the teal.
Love this dress from Old Navy and it's even cuter on a little pregnant Elizabeth. I wish I would of taken a picture! Just looks comfy and I'm in love.

Love this whole look from Ann Taylor Loft here. I'm a sucker for yellow!
This is the Michael Kors I want. Zach! I've decided on the rose gold!
I'm a sucker for a good leather Fossil bag. I can't decide if I like this in the darker brown or this honey. I'm leaning towards this one though.

Finally the boys have made a special request for new pj's here are some adorable ones (non generic) from Gap! They will go awesome with Jack's new shoes from Target I ordered yesterday! If you haven't heard he's a little obsessed with shoes...I wonder where he got that from?


  1. Haha thank you :) I love the kors watch too! Fossil has rose gold that I love too.

  2. I don't have any kids, but I feel like I have to buy those super hero clothes for my future kids and husband's sake! lol Too cute! And the Target flats are soooo comfy! I have the mint and polka dot tan ones and could wear them every day :-)

    1. I can't wait! They didn't have mint in my size :( That's what I really wanted. I want those pj's so I may get them big and let that be the ones Santa brings the boys.