Thursday, August 2, 2012


I very much remember the meaning of vacation bc...before children, laying by the pool and reading multiple books. Now, with two kids it holds a very different meaning....keeping the kids entertained as long as possible while making sure they don't sure they don't break anything. While on vacation in NC at my dad's house we have loved swimming and boating, but during the whole day it's very exhausting passing the little one back in forth while keeping an eye on the big one. While typing this blog I've had to change a diaper, get a juice, and put on a movie. For parents vacations could be a the opposite of stress relief. There are always going to be breakdowns and fits, but your aren't in your element on vacation. Sometimes you have to step back and not be so controlling like I am learning to be and it's been difficult. Yesterday Jamey rode his very first jetski and it was terrifing riding on the back with my dads neighbor between myself and Jamey. He did twist and rode through huge waves but one look in the mirror, seeing Jamey's face with the biggest smile made me think about how big he's getting. These vacations are so special. Even though they may be stressful at some points, your kids are watching you and if you have a good time just letting them be little than they will have a great time. Always remember you will be their first teacher, love, pretty much everything!

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  1. :-) glad y'all are having a good time
    Love you all.