Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The many emotions of Jessica Green

For those of you who do not know me, I am a very emotional person and I can't hide them very well unless we're playing cards. I cried instantly when our handyman told me he couldn't finish his job in time for Jack's 1st birthday and my husband took care of it for me. I get so grossed out when the kids throw up and I smell it, I have to walk away and Zach takes care of it. So today while I sent my wishlist to Zach from my favorite boutique and almost instantly got a confirmation email for his order I panicked....I think panic attack may be more appropriate. I wanted three certain ones and like any woman I sent more than three expecting him to know exactly which ones I wanted and when it wasn't any I really wanted I cried and yelled until he cancelled the order. I feel worse than anything but I think stress got the better of me. Packing and cleaning and lots more issues that have been in play this week finally got to me and like usual Zach was the pedestrian standing in the crossfire. Thank you so much baby for loving even when I have my days. I am truly blessed!

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