Monday, August 6, 2012

Cleaning vs Kids

If you have ever attempted to clean you know how terrible it is. We just spent a this past week at my dad's lakehouse where my stepmom Gail keeps the place spotless and my grandmom never leaves a dish in the sink. Taking all this in to account our house looks like a giant mess in comparason. Cleaning in our house could compare to attempting to clean a rabbits cage....if you remember rabbits make babies all the time and poop the time they aren' I could imagine how messy their houses are. I got home yesterday and decided I can do this cleaning thing! I started on the boys bedroom, you are suppose to rotate toys every few months so they actually play with the mounds of toys they have. I started the move of toys while Jack sits on my throw away pile mingling it with my keep pile. After this daunting task was as good as it'll ever get I started moving beds and dressers to vacuum under everything....this looked like a giant game of hide and seek to Jack so he started hiding under beds to where I didn't see him and pushed the bed over him....not a happy camper. After calming him down I decided to sweep and mop the main area and in doing so I had to lock the boys in their play room (which I just clean and am terrified to open the door to see what they have accomplished today) and that is about as far as I've gotten. Four hours, pretty much two rooms, an exhausted mommy, and two boys who are ready to tear open the seal on their "new room" AWESOME! I would say at this age, the kids won....:(

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