Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today while browsing facebook, I saw where Zach had commented on an ad: 
He had said that the girl fifth from the left on the bottom was his favorite. Here's my thoughts on the matter. I feel that america is overweight and that showing stick figures isn't helping the situation....when looking at the top I see the girls muscles showing. That in turn does not mean they "don't eat" they just might workout and manage what they eat (plus photoshop.) I believe the girls on the bottom are also extremely beautiful but I also feel as though maybe Dove has left out the smaller girls. Why are "real" girls all what would be considered full figure models? Why can we not mingle both pictures to create a real beauty campaign? I feel as though I would fit in the line here....somewhere between the two pictures as would a lot of girls I know. Where's our representation? Here's a picture that I've loved since the first time I pinned it.
Isn't she beautiful with her muscles and curves....for you mother's out there, especially of little girls, you obsess about your weight and say how you need to lose weight in front of them and it sticks. That's how they will think for the rest of their lives. There's a delicate balance of being conscious of not being overweight but not feeling like you need to be a size 0. Like anything showing them how to eat healthy and exercise is how you set a good example.  

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