Thursday, August 9, 2012


The Green household has been bare on snacks for a while because Zach has done the shopping recently, so when mommy went yesterday and stocked up they have been eating like crazy today. I have friends that limit their kids snacking so they eat all their dinner, such as one snack a day. So whose way is correct? Well I'm not to say whose right and whose wrong, but being the extreme logical thinker I am here's my reasoning to why I believe snacking throughout the day is best. There have been many studies for adults and many of the results say it's just as healthy to have 5 or 6 mini meals as it is to 3 big meals. So why not it be the same for a kid? I'm a huge mini meal snacker! Kids have tiny stomachs, I surely remember the commercial for Gerber that said their stomachs are about the size of their fists and they burn off their energy so fast because lets face it most of the time my kids are wired all day long. So if they can't store a lot of food and burn off energy extremely fast I would say they need to eat closer together and more often. Also if your kids are like mine and don't have a set schedule on when they go to bed because sometimes they skip naps, you never know when they are going to pass out for the night (or where for that matter :)) and we eat lunch at 12 and dinner about 6:30 so if either one of them fall asleep at 6 and they haven't ate for 6 hours....well that makes for one miserable night. That's not to say snacks are chips and kids just finished peanut butter crackers and  a mixture of strawberries and grapes (remember Jack is out little strawberry destroyer of doom.) Remember this is my personal opinion and I would love to hear how your kids snack :)


  1. We should give them fanny packs to store their food.

  2. I let my kids snack all day. We wake up and I usually fix pancakes... by fix I mean take them out of the freezer and microwave them. lol They are usually good until lunch about 12. We have sandwiches or what not. After lunch though they munch on snacks several times before dinner. Usually fruit, both of mine loves strawberries and apples, but they also snack on cookies and chips until time for dinner. After dinner Ashlyn usually crashes for the night and Kaden may have one more snack before bed. I am with you though about letting kids snack throughout the day. I can't stand to think about my kids being hungry and me simply not letting them eat because they already had their "one" snack for the day.