Friday, August 10, 2012

Inner Voices

Have you ever been sitting there at the table and started in on your third brownie and suddenly you hear someone yell put it down? My little voice in my head can sound exactly like my mom. So when browsing pinterest I froze when I came across this :
I lose my temper with my babies sometimes more than I would care to admit. I love them so much but two boys can be a lot to handle all day everyday. I never want my kids to not be able to come to me for anything. I made a promise to Jamey that I promise to be more patient as long as he promises to let me know when I yell, well he never forgets while yelling JAMEY (imagine I go up a octave by the time I get EY) well my little man yelled back MOMMY ( going up when he got to the EY) and started to get on to him about something he said, "mommy you don't yell at Jamey anymore or you go to timeout." Next time remember don't let your voice be that inner voice telling them no....that's what their dads are for :)

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