Monday, August 13, 2012

My news shows and Nike

I have recently found a love for news shows but only the ones I watch....Today show mostly with Kathy Lee and Hoda and Chealsea Lately. I feel as though when using humor you get the truth from people and both of these shows are known to have just that. For example when the whole Chickfila thing got huge they covered it on Chealsea and with the show being very liberal I was very nervous about what all the cast would say. They were right on with it, who cares what one guy says, they aren't going to stop eating there just because of might be the only thing they are close to if Chealsea goes into a fit for food.
I got up early enough this morning to watch the earlier version of the Today show....with someone named Savannah, Ole Al, and Matt Lauer :) They had a 200 pound, 12 year old that was featured on the newest Olympic Nike ad you can watch here( Nike Video.) There are people who think Nike is using this little boy and those who are standing behind him showing everyone can get fit. Personally I am a huge fan that everyone can get off their hindpart and doing SOMETHING! This little boy admitted that he never ran before and that during the shooting he did throw up just trying to make it down the road. He also goes on to say how much he now likes to walk/run. He has made many people get up and just go out and walk and that was the point of Nike. I'm glad someone got up and finally made an ad like this besides Dove. I feel as though it inspires many the rockhard abs of people working out it also puts some down....hey there's room for all types of ads in the market because there are all different size people in this world and one thing this country needs is more self confidence.

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