Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday Parties

I currently have a friend staying with me for two weeks because of her work. Her daughter will be having her 1st birthday on the 8th? of next month and we've been throwing around ideas about birthdays and the stress may be getting to her. Now if you have kids or have ever thrown a party at your house stop and think about all the stress the weeks before....people showing up, the right amount of food, and the dreaded what will people think. I look back at Jamey's birthday party this past year, his third, we had it planned out to be an outside party and the whole week it rained, so five days before we booked an inside bouncy place. Did it rain? Absolutely not. Did anyone care? No, Jamey had a ball playing with his friends and he didn't care if it were inside or out.

I know first birthdays are always a little different because the kids have no idea what's going on, but my sweet baby Jack had his 1st birthday in June. He had a mustache party! It was the first time we've had a party at our house since our kids have taken over...not kidding. I thought it went amazing! Zach cooked and I organized...played outside, ate food and cake, and finally opened presents. Standard!

 So why did I panic? No idea. Kids birthday parties aren't suppose to outdo each other and since pinterest showed up on the radar I feel that's what parents are doing, trying to show off. The kids will have pictures but I now can look back and remember him laughing and opening his presents and then passing out after the party. If your kid has a party coming up, don't worry throw it for yourself and your baby. The food doesn't even have to make sense! Jamey's first birthday we had pb&j and popcorn ( the one with no husk or kernels,) his favorite! Have fun and make it special for your little one!

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