Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stay at home moms

As you can tell I stay at home with my babies all day long. During the summer we had a great routine of fun activities! Now that a lot of my friends are back teaching we have been thrown through a loop of what do we do today? We've been working on our letters and trying to read...not going so well, but he's 3. Tons of reading! We started a list of chapter books for kids under 10 and Jamey actually likes them! Today we read Amelia Bedelia, remember those? We also have started a journal! Mommy writes and Jamey draws pictures and we love it! This stay at home mom thing isn't easy at all even though most moms think that it is. You have no time to yourself. I have had at least three of my friends try to stay at home with their children and not even six months later they go back to work. You don't get a break, you have to learn to cook and clean with kids attached permanently to your ankle. My oldest doesn't stop talking, so as soon as I lay Jack down Jamey comes running in singing as loud as possible, most of the time waking him up. It's not for everyone, but when you stay at home you don't miss anything that comes out of their mouth. You don't miss first steps or all the "I love you mommy," and as jealous as I am I couldn't stand for someone else to get all their time. It's amazing for people who get to stay at home with their kids but it takes a lot. If your mom or dad stayed at home with you, thank them because it didn't go by without some gray hairs sprouting up.

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