Friday, August 17, 2012

Constant State of Fear

Being a mom I am always on edge. Is Jack going to fall into something? Is Jamey going to jump off something he's not suppose to? Zach has, on more than one occasion told me I'm going to break or pull something running at a single cry. I remember when we first brought Jamey home how I wouldn't put him in his crib because I just wanted to keep my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing right. Now with two I have nightmares about if something ever happens how I'm suppose to get to both of them. Zach is known for his inability to wake up at tornado sirens, I on the other hand will wake up at a pin drop, so I am constantly getting up and checking on Jamey and making sure the doors are locked. Now we are slowly getting into kids might spend the night other places and it scares me with steps and things the boys aren't used to. I know more sleepless nights are to come so for now I'm glad I can keep a close eye on these two because everybody knows that being Zach's kids they're going to be trouble.

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  1. Jack just bounces when he falls off of things. He eats as much as he does as a part of his self-defense strategy.