Monday, August 20, 2012


I know lots of people who are very successful at dieting and then I know others who put on 20 more pounds while attempting. I am the person who could NEVER stick to a diet. What's that joke about seafood diet....see food and I eat it? Yeah that would be me. I'm a sucker for corndogs and pasta. I have no idea what qualifies as carbs, I watched Sex and the City the other day and Charlotte mentioned fruit has a lot of carbs? Who knew? I thought it was breads. Don't get me wrong I am comfortable being my size, but I know with fall comes winter and tons of holidays and me eating my weight in cake. My grandma doesn't play when it comes to her lemon pound cake and I am a HUGE fan of anything lemon. I just feel as though too many people put too much hope in dieting or even pills/drinks. I was always told if you lost a ton of weight from pills or drinks that you would have stretchmarks or gain the weight back more quickly than if you went out and worked for it. Being a mommy is another huge challenge for dieting. I can be as good as anything one week but the second Jack holds out a cookie just for've got to eat it! Also there will always be mac and cheese or chicken nuggets on the menu at some point, my kids love eating salads but they live for anything covered in cheese. I do have a secret weapon in my fight against gaining 20 pounds in a husband! I order something and then make him eat over half my plate and he falls for it everytime, this is why I love him! I guess I'm just an old fashion type girl, I believe in staying at home with your kids if at all possible, eating what you want, and working out to lose weight.

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