Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two Cars Mommy

This week we've started giving Jamey an allowance for making up his bed....$2 a week! Well we hung a bag beside his bed to "save his money" and today I tell him we were going to TJ Maxx (my fav) and he runs to grab his bag. I fought hard for him to keep his money (even though there is this toy he's been wanting up there this is it!) but he put it back for our big Chattanooga trip this weekend! While putting it back on the hanger I found an extra $5 in there and had to ask Zach where it came from? Zach responded that he was an awesome boy and deserved a little extra. I know we will spoil these boys forever. Do you give your kids an allowance? If so what age did you start? On a side note Jamey learned how to weave his fingers into one another and he has been so proud. Makes you smile how kids think and how their minds work. I love his beautiful hair!

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