Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Staying Strong

I have wrote about this before, about how much of a pushover I am. I once went into work an hour after Jamey's birthday party because they "needed" me to. Today Jamey wanted a cookie and I told him we could get one....after I looked into one store real fast. I went in looked at skirts tried one on and five minutes later Jamey had beat the world record for most times asking for a cookie :( Not just asking, yelling is more like it. I did what every person would do while trying to put my pants back on while two kids were screaming in a store....sweat and that does not make skinny jeans go on very well in 90 plus weather. I finally set him down and told Jamey no he was more than likely going to go to timeout when we got home if he didn't start acting better, but the cookie was already off the table. Here's the best part.....ready.....I stuck to my word!!! He did NOT get a cookie and he didn't die! Ah I can finally see how parents get their kids to walk that line. Snaps for Jessica! Also here are those amazing jeans I wore.
jeansbelt, and shoes are from American Eagle (those aren't the exact shoes because they aren't on the website anymore, but they should still be in stores) Tank is from Old Navy and sweater is from Gap last year but here is one close in black...I love this one because it is so light weight. Jewelry is all Stella and Dot earrings, necklace, bracelet 1, and bracelet 2.

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