Friday, August 31, 2012

Dirt is a fashion statement Mom

Being a mom of two boys is always rewarding, but finding fashion for boys is always difficult. I want to make sure and raise two extremely confident (but not overly cocky) boys, I personally feel that dressing well gives you that extra pep in your step. So I am attempting to let Jamey pick out his own clothes. Letting a three year old shop can be very hard, but with a few suggestions he is has a wardrobe I'm proud of. For those of you who watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians little Mason has tremendous style.

 He sometimes wears blazers and suits, he is just adorable and if I had that kind of money Jamey and Jack would both look that good, but we don't. So we make do with button ups and my favorite Nike outfits! I'm also a huge fan of hats, but the boys aren't they play with them but never keep them on. Jamey has recently purchased (on mommy's card ;)) two outfits he picked out ALL BY HIMSELF! Here they are:

The one on the right is 100% from Gap shirt, jeans, jacket option #1, super fun option #2, shoe option#1, converse shoes option #2. Keep in mind this whole out fit came from the outlets for under $35 so they aren't the exact match. The outfit on the right is an outfit we didn't plan on buying last night. We ran into TJ Maxx to take something back and on the counter they had a steelers shirt that I wanted for was a 12/14 :( (My older brother Chris and his whole family are HUGE steelers fans and I wanted to make them proud) So on the search for this shirt (which we had no luck) we ran across this vintage Olympics shirt and Jamey wore this jacket from the second he saw 90 degree heat and he needed jeans anyway so he got some Levi's. This shirt I actually feel in love with a few months ago because Gap did the vintage Olympics shirts for men, women, and kids and well I wanted them. So here is the exact shirt from Gap here, jeans, and I haven't been able to find the jacket but anything Nike is adorable I came across this outfit and want it for Jack! Oh and how cute is this shirt. My Nan always said that her kids dresses well in school and that was something she was proud of and I want my kids to be the same. I can't go in and take their test or make friends for them (if I could I would) but I can make sure they dress well and make a good first impression.

P.S. my hubby has planned this whole weekend for us, first night at the local bed and breakfast for just us and then a family weekend in Chattanooga! We love going there and walking around! Lots of pictures will come next post! If this weekend you need your blog fix you should check out some of the great girls I follow and can't wait to read every morning....Skylette is amazing and I love Lilly!

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