Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I've Been Reading...

This is my first monthly "collaboration" with my fellow bloggers. This month the topic: your engagement ring and story :) Zach and I were suppose to be going to this fancy restaurant here in town for dinner. I bought a new dress and practiced my hair all that I think about this my mom was a hairstylist...I wonder why I didn't just get her to do it? Anyway he picked me up and he said we had made it there before our reservation time and we should walk down by the river across this beautiful little bridge. When we got to the bridge he wanted me to close my eyes and when we got to the middle I opened my eyes and I was standing in a circle of roses, him on his knees, and our families standing aside. He had also gotten my dad to come from North Carolina and my grandma from New York to little ole Georgia. Afterwards turned out he never had reservations and we grabbed Checkers on the way to Atlanta to see a play, A Christmas Carol.  I'm one lucky girl.

 The Robert Redden Footbridge


Skylette has just got in some beautiful studded Zara shoes and I am in love with her yellow pants.
Noelle also has some amazing shoes and beautiful pink blazer.
Lilly has solved the denim on denim dilemma!
Dainty and Decadent has revealed her fall shopping list.
Danielle has revealed her score at TJ Maxx with just a little love.

We had an amazing trip this weekend and I'll be attempting to put up pictures after the kids go to bed. Just wanted to go ahead and get caught up with this months link up!

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