Friday, July 20, 2012

What new mommies need to know

      As a new mom I was extremely unprepared for the hospital and no matter how many books you read, you will never know exactly what to expect. With my first I would spend the days before dreaming of the perfect little angel that in my mind came out and how I would spend the days in the hospital wearing my prebaby clothes. How wrong I was. Those comfy pants felt like mulitiple knives across my c-section, makeup...who even knew what that was with a new precious little one in the room. I wanted to make a list of some very useful items to keep handy during that wonderful time, keep in mind I had two c-sections so it may not be the same. Always bring a gown incase of c-section (mine was not planned) those ugly undies they provide...get multiples to bring home for the next week, always bring extra pads( when you run out of the good ones they bring you 4" thick ones :( ( althoughI do know if you had a vaginal ask for those ice packs..they'll know what I'm talking about), if you are breastfeeding always talk to the lactation ladies, take as much of the milk of magnesium that they will let you (trust me on this one), always buy the hospital picture even though they are lot of $$$, and enjoy your time. I remember the nurses checking on me because I always got my babies in the middle of the night...I didn't want to miss a second of anything when it comes to these two. I might also suggest investing in a belly bandit they help hold you "boo boo" together when you walk for the weeks after and also help get your prebaby body back. Always enjoy that time I smile everytime I even think about it.

This is my big by Henry James Green

Jackson Louis Green, along with my husband Zach, and myself :)
The Green Family at Jack's first birthday!

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