Friday, July 20, 2012

Having kids or eating out? Pick one.

So this week I decided to take the boys on a little trip to see my Uncle about two hours away. We were gone for two nights, but the best thing was that we were going for breakfast with my husband, Zach...I love breakfast! We get to IHOP order and the whole time Jamey is screaming for milk while Jack just doesn't want to be awake. About twenty minutes later when we get our food Jamey sees that his strawberry pancakes are actually strawberry jelly instead of just strawberries and announces that they are "yucky and dirty mommy." Zach knows he's hungry and insist he eats one bite...the whole time Jack is yelling not for food but for being held. Jamey tries to avoid eating by saying he needed to go potty. More yelling and meltdowns let to everyone leaving frustrated and me with my plate mostly full. Jamey's plate was untouched except for the "strawberries" that Jack had pushed around with his fingers and dripped all over his shirt. Awesome.

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